Friday, July 30, 2010

What a fun surprise!! We surprised are cousins on their road trip in Salt Lake City. Devon and Cameron could not wait to see them. What a fun trip lets call it our First Annual Downie/Eiland trip. We started the trip with swimming and Cal pizza Kitchen. And ended the trip at the river, Donnie Mac Drive In, and a cousin tent sleep over.

Say Cheese Lauren. Cameron wants to know the boys name in the upper lt. hand corner. Crazy:) (poor kid he's his last hora before his two year mission).

Pool time!

First time their eyes meet. They are sooooo Happy :)


First group picture. I think Devon has died and gone to cousin heaven

Thanks Daddy, CANDY

Man I love these guys

Hay we have the same candy, I like you.

Lauren is not much of a stuff animal lover unless it's her baby
(stuffed bear) we walked in to Anthropology and she feel in love with this kitty, kissing it and hugging it. JB could not resist he had to buy it for her. What a good Daddy. Mag's got one two. They both loved on them all week.

The all three have their eyes closed.

Two cute girls

Do something funny

Playing in the water at The Gateway

Lauren had been dogging the water all night, it finally caught up to her.


Waiting for a train ride at Lagoon. Devon can't wait to see the animals again.

Say Cheese

You should her them talk to one another. I love it. They are like Minnie adults. It's to cute

Waiting in line for the car ride. Man did Lauren love the rid. Thanks Mag's for taking her.

This one was Laurens favorite!!!

Say good bye to SLC

Road trip back to Eagle Idaho. Brayden and I tried are best to stay up. Thank JB and LeighAnne for driving:)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our June trip to Lagoon, Utah.

What a great time we had as a family. We all needed a little fun get away. JB came home from work really early on Monday and said pack your bags and we were off. We headed to Salt Lake City are final destination Lagoon Park. The kids loved riding on all the ride. I went on a ride with the boys that spined and I was done for the rest of the day. Does that mean I'm getting old?? The weather was wonderful and the water park and pool cooled us off. I have to say Salt Lake is a very interesting place. When you ask anyone for direction or map quest something it all starts at the mormon temple. Only in Utah, they have their own set of rules. Can you imagine if are hole maps and roads started at Eagle Church of the Nazarene. This would not fly with nonbelievers. Anyway very interesting. I meet a guy named Adam and he let me ask him any question I wanted. Oh yes, and I did(did i mention he was lds). He ended with I know its hard to understand all of this and may sound a little weired when your an outsider looking in. Only in Utah.

Devon taking pictures

Devon loves to strike a pose :)

Some where out in the middle of farm country

Lagoon Park :) I for got my camera in the car :(

Family picture listen to music in the park

Has anyone seen Brayden?

Just hanging around outside The Gateway

In side the old train station man was it cool. (Has anyone seen Brayden look on Cam's shirt)

Water fun.

That is the old train station behind us. They call it the The Gateway it was built for the Olympics it's a super cool out door mall with tones of cool restaurants, shoppes, a children's museum and so much more.

Lauren was loving the water fountain

Look at me. I'm a real cow girl

playing at the children's museum

can i get a beep beep

don't let the smile fool you. she was a night mare in the car.

We pulled off the freeway in Utah to check out all this white sand. JB was wrong it is salt.

Cameron took this picture sometimes it's a little scary because you never know what he is taking a picture of.

Playing in the salt

Along the freeway people had their names written in rocks all over. It was cool. I was going to write Downie but the D took for ever. The kids want to go so this is as far as I got. Next time.

Cameron is licking the salt he loved it :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This is for you Kyle. The kids were frogging this weekend. Kyle was walking around with his Camera trying to get the kids to kiss it. I was cleaning this morning and happen to glance up at the right time as Cameron was kissing the frog, thank you Kyle. I asked him to do it again, as you can see he did.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Thank you to all the Men and Women who graciously serve are country. For your willingness to sacrifice your own life for the love of a FREE country. May God bless you and protect you and your family. Because of you all my family and friends were able to have a memorable Memorial Day Weekend. It started off with a six year old birthday bash. What fun we all had. Devon had a ninja cake, obstacle course, and a picture scavenger hunt. Thank you to all his friends, he had a great day. We had friends in town, The Fletchers and Mike. I have to say you never know how the weekend will go when you add 5 more people to your home. Some times you can't wait for your guest to leave. This was not the case at all. For JB and I it was relaxing, enjoyable, and a ton of fun. Friday was the birthday bash, Saturday the boys went golfing while the mommy's took the kiddo's to the park and a walk down to the Boise river. The night ended at are friends house the Thompson's. What gracious hosts their are. Opening their home to are friends, and hosting a awesome night. Thank you Jim and Mandy!!! Sunday was great too. We woke with 35min tell church started. We made it! We got to worship are Lord and Savior, then headed home for a afternoon adding the Barrass to the mix. Barbecue, slip and slide, pool, pizza, America's funnest video, hike, then wrapped up the night with a game of wiffel ball in the street with the tones turned up. AMAZING.
This is Cameron running to give the golfers high five.

We had a mommy and her 12 babies join the party

Cameron and Mike out frog hunting

The rock looks great!!

One of Devon's guest Makhia

Caden thought he was pretty tough getting me with a squirt gun. Little did he know that I would jump in with my clothes on:)

Lauren's first time in the pool since three months ago, she is not happy. To bad sis your going in.

Hay, hold me

Devon cut his finger with a pocket knife we bought him. We are teaching him responsibility. JB had just laid the ground rules with him and out he went. Not 10 seconds later Cam came running "blood, their is blood every where". After some TLC, JB decided he could use the knife with an adult. I was over hearing their conversation, "Devon daddy is sorry you hurt your self ", Devon,"that's ok dad". JB, "I will do a better job next time showing you how to use you knife safely". I am so thankful for a man who leads and guides with kindness and love. Devon is on stick two of making a spear.

The Obstacle Course

Off on the picture scavenger hunt
Make a wish!

The Ninja Cake, and man did it taste good