Friday, July 30, 2010

What a fun surprise!! We surprised are cousins on their road trip in Salt Lake City. Devon and Cameron could not wait to see them. What a fun trip lets call it our First Annual Downie/Eiland trip. We started the trip with swimming and Cal pizza Kitchen. And ended the trip at the river, Donnie Mac Drive In, and a cousin tent sleep over.

Say Cheese Lauren. Cameron wants to know the boys name in the upper lt. hand corner. Crazy:) (poor kid he's his last hora before his two year mission).

Pool time!

First time their eyes meet. They are sooooo Happy :)


First group picture. I think Devon has died and gone to cousin heaven

Thanks Daddy, CANDY

Man I love these guys

Hay we have the same candy, I like you.

Lauren is not much of a stuff animal lover unless it's her baby
(stuffed bear) we walked in to Anthropology and she feel in love with this kitty, kissing it and hugging it. JB could not resist he had to buy it for her. What a good Daddy. Mag's got one two. They both loved on them all week.

The all three have their eyes closed.

Two cute girls

Do something funny

Playing in the water at The Gateway

Lauren had been dogging the water all night, it finally caught up to her.


Waiting for a train ride at Lagoon. Devon can't wait to see the animals again.

Say Cheese

You should her them talk to one another. I love it. They are like Minnie adults. It's to cute

Waiting in line for the car ride. Man did Lauren love the rid. Thanks Mag's for taking her.

This one was Laurens favorite!!!

Say good bye to SLC

Road trip back to Eagle Idaho. Brayden and I tried are best to stay up. Thank JB and LeighAnne for driving:)

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  1. those are some great pics. what a fun trip. the kids are so cute! I love them all